We've got your back

Worry-free connectivity for the global enterprise


As a business, you shouldn't be struggling with deployment times, poor internet in remote locations, or connectivity downtime – and good news: you don't have to.


With a more flexible, nimbler approach, our hands-on team of  experts brings together the equipment, services, and support to provide you with enterprise-grade LTE/5G solutions, ensuring you are up and running where and when you need - after all, we've got your back.    

Fast Deployments?
Sure we can.

Unlike wired connections, which take weeks (and sometimes months) to be installed, Blue Wireless can install within 72 hours to get you up and running when you need it.

Day-1 Deployments

Going far?
We’ll be there.

We can serve you where fixed lines can't: parks, construction sites, industrial zones, pop-up stores, temporary locations, vessels at sea… literally anywhere!

Branch and remote locations

Always-on connectivity? You got it.

Running your business on a single internet line is risky. Wireless LTE/5G ads diversity to your network, with built-in redundancy to automatically switch in case of issues. 

Failover Solutions

Flexible terms?
We do that too.

Most fixed line or satellite providers require a long 24-month contract with penalties. Not us. Temporary sites? A 6-month project? No issue. And no penalties either.

Temporary Deployments