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Reliable High Speed 5G/LTE
for Media Streaming and Events

Reliable Connectivity is essential for the success of any public event, as today's events rely on digital applications more then ever. Blue Wireless offers on-demand network services for event organizers which can be delivered anywhere in Singapore without the high cost or complications of wired telco service. Key applications our connectivity can support include:

  • Media Streaming - supporting reliable, secure, high-speed video and audio broadcasts 

  • Access Control - for check-in, temperature check and other (government mandated) applications

  • CCTV Connectivity -  On demand connectivity for CCTV camera systems, including static IP service

  • Point of Sale - wired or wireless connectivity for POC systems and PCs

  • Private WIFI - supporting event organizers and staff across the event area

  • Public WIFI - offering hotspot service for public use, including access control and web filtering. 

Blue Wireless delivers all network components for the event, including equipment, cabling, data, installation and 24/7 support. Key elements differentiating our solution include:    

Network Independent

Blue Wireless has access to all 3 networks in Singapore (SH, ST, M1) and does 'load balancing' offering higher speed and higher uptime. 



Our service includes network equipment (routers, switches), cabling, data, installation and support - one party for guaranteed success



As we don't rely on the wired telco network but on 5G/LTE, our service can be delivered anywhere in Singapore and is ideal for outdoor events.



Our service can be used from one afternoon to several months, as long as you need, with unlimited data or usage based. Your choice depending on your event needs.

The Right Setup for any Event

Service Components

  • Easy-to-deploy Cradlepoint Routers and Ubiquiti Access Point for widespread WIFI 

  • Dual LTE/5G connections of up to 500Mbps with of multiple local mobile operators

  • Professional on-site installation, so no IT staff is required at your site

  • Remote monitoring and site support to ensure uninterrupted access during the course of your event

  • Additional advanced features like security firewall and load balancing

Your Benefits

  • Stable high speed wireless internet from across multiple mobile operators

  • Flexible data offering, unlimited or pay-per-use data based on your event duration

  • Fixed Charges on delivery, installation and support

  • WIFI and Ethernet (LAN). Connect all your devices, screens, PCs, printers etc.

  • Supports business applications, secure VPNs, steaming media and videos, etc.

  • Outdoor deployment possible

Solution Overview


Blue Wireless event solutions cover the full breath of network components, from Internet Connectivity, Equipment, LAN/WIFI all installed and managed by a single party for fast and flexible deployment. Below a schematic overview of our network solutions, which can be easily configured for your event:

Event References 

Blue Wireless has supported over 200 events, from small meetings to large (3000+ people) public events.

Our team is ready to advise you on the best setup for your event

Below are some of the events we have supported previously

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