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4G/LTE Antennas

The right LTE antennas are essential to ensure reliable connection and maximum throughput. Blue Wireless has the full range of LTE antennas ranging for IoT and vehicle use. All antennas are compatible for the full LTE frequency range and certified to work with our 5G and 4G/LTE routers and Blue Wireless services. Our advisors can recommend a suitable antenna for your use case.

Blue Wireless is a distributor of Panorama antennas in Asia and Europe region. We have the full range of antennas for a range of use cases, specializing in IoT and Vehicle antennas and cabling. 

 Antennas for Kiosks, Vending, IOT

Bracket Mount 2G/3G/4G/5G Antenna


The B4BE range has been designed to provide cost effective coverage booster antennas for 2G/3G/4G and 3.4-3.8GHz 5G devices. The antennas are designed for wall or mast mounting and are weather proof which allows the device to reap the benefits of an antenna mounted in an elevated or external location where the signal is strongest.

Key Features: 

  • Robust, cost-effective bracket mount antenna

  • integrated cable

  • Supports 2G/3G/4G, 3.8GHz 5G, 700 & 800MHz & 868 & 915MHz

Bracket Mount Antenna
Cradlepoint IBR 650

LPW-BC3G-26 | Low Profile Wall Mount 2G/3G/4G LTE Antenna


The antenna offers ground-plane independent omni-directional performance across global cellular and LTE bands making it a versatile solution for any number of applications.  The efficient element design ensures a high first-time connection rate and an ongoing, robust communications link even in problematic coverage areas.

Key Features: 

  • Low Profile, wall panel or enclosure mount

  • Mount by screw fixings or adhesive pad

  • Supports 2G/3G/4G, 700 & 800MHz & 868 & 915MHz

Wall Mount Antenna

Antennas for Vehicles & Buses

GPSB | 'Sharkee™' - LTE, WiFi & GPS Sharkfin Antenna

The GPSB 'Sharkee™' provides antenna coverage for multiple technologies including GPS, WiFi and LTE within one OEM sharkfin style housing.

Key Features: 

  • OEM shark fin styling

  • 2G/3G/4G cellular & 2.4/4.9-6GHz in one housing

  • Heavy duty design for optional VHF or UHF whip

Shark Fin Antenna
Cradlepoint AER 1600

'The Fez' Combination Antenna

The LG[P]E antenna series is a range of low profile antennas incorporating a combination of wideband cellular element covering 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies along with an active GPS patch with 26dB LNA gain and a dual band WiFi element all in a robust compact housing.

Key Features: 

  • Ground plane independent

  • Wideband LTE/cellular element

  • 2.4 & 4.9-6 GHz WiFi/WiMAX element (Optional)

  • Integrated GPS antenna (Optional)

Combination Antenna
Cradlepoint IBR 650

LP[G]MMFFR 'Great White' | MiMo 2G/3G/4G, Optional MiMo WiFi + Optional GPS Vehicle Antenna - FAKRA Connectors


The antenna "Great White"  is a range of high performance MiMo antennas covering 698-2700MHz  with optional GPS and optional 2x2 MIMO/diversity at 2.4/5.0GHz fitted with FAKRA plug connectors

Key Features: 

  • Low profile antenna with up to 6 functions in 1

  • MiMo 2G/3G/4G cellular, Optional GPS & optional MiMo 2.4/4.9-6GHz in one housing

  • Fakra plug connectors fitted

High Performance MIMO Antenna

 How to Get Started  

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As distributor and local installation partner Blue Wireless ensures you have the right antenna solution for your requirement. Our services include:

  • Solution Design - let us recommend the right model for your project

  • Local Stock - Quick delivery of key models from local warehouse 

  • Flexible Payment Options including PayPal

  • Direct Shipping - courier delivery in 1-3 working days

  • Discounts & support for partners, see visit Go Wireless

  • Bundle Options - including routers and low-cost DataSIMs

Download the Panorama Antenna Guide

The Antenna Guide gives detailed information for the different types and suitable Cradlepoint router models

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