4G/LTE For Maritime - How To Reduce Cost And Improve Communications

While VSAT remains essential for open-sea connectivity, satellite communication can be slow and expensive. That's why ships and other marine vessels are adding 4G/LTE connectivity, providing a low-cost, high-speed connectivity alternative which can be used up to 50 miles out from shore. Blue Wireless provides full 4G/LTE solutions for the Maritime sector, reducing cost and improving communications. Learn more about our use cases for near-shore communications:

4G/LTE is ideal for engineering projects and in locations where wired lines are not available. It provides secure reliable Internet or WAN communications for teams on the job, no matter their location.

4G/LTE is ideal for 'VSAT offload' to leverage on the available 4G networks when up to 50 miles from shore. Ideal for crew internet access, replication of databases and other internet communications.

Blue Wireless implements reliable solutions for maritime sector, offering high reliability and ongoing control of cost, all bundled in one solution.

  • Cradlepoint 4G/LTE routers – Rugged design which can handle heat, vibration, dust and of course humidity. Offer a range of build-in network options from Dual 4G/LTE modems, high quality WIFI, GPS tracking and various power options.

  • 4G/LTE Antennas – High-gain Omnidirectional antennas for moving vessels or on long-range flat panel antennas for static rigs, to maintain signal up to 50 miles from the coast.

  • Multi-provider Data. Bundled data SIMs from multiple providers, offering best rates and performance per location.

  • Professional Installation, combining equipment, antennas, network configurations for your projects.

  • Advanced Management Tools. Easy to use cloud based tools for uninterrupted operations - ensure you have full control without having to go on-site.

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