And now, the end is near... For DSL

Patented in 1988 and leading in the home broadband revolution in the 2000's, DSL has been used by many companies for branch network connectivity. Despite its shortcomings on speed and reliability, the low cost and relative ease of ordering, made this an easy backup option or cost-effective access for secondary business locations.

But the old copper networks have been steadily replaced by faster and cheaper fibre networks and telcos across Asia Pacific are starting to turn off DSL services networks progressively, such as in Singapore:

If you still use DSL lines for your business - it's now time to make a migration plan!

While Fibre might be installed in your location at some point, LTE Access is a reliable alternative which is available now and provides high speed access at low cost, ideal for branch connectivity or primary line failover.

Find out more about our services at our site or contact any of our solution consultants for a free quote for LTE Access for your location.


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