Are you ready for 5G? Here is how it will change your corporate WAN

There is no stopping the roll-out of 5G networks and Asia Pacific will hit an estimated 675 million 5G connections in the next seven years, to be the world’s largest 5G region by 2025, according to the GSMA’s latest Mobile Economy report. See below highlights:

But how will 5G change your enterprise WAN? 5G will offer even higher speed, lower latency and higher availability than 4G/LTE, which means the following for the enterprise WAN: WAN everywhere! While traditional wired WANs primarily connect physical offices (and the people in them), 5G will extend reliable network connectivity to individual users, vehicles, kiosks and IOT devices. This will create increadible opportunities for business efficiency and growth, but also means a increased complexity for network managers, making traditional network management tools and approaches obsolete. Wireless will replace Wired 4G/LTE is today already taking over connectivity for smaller branches, remote sites and kiosks. With the arrival of 5G, wireless connectivity will become the default for branch connectivity offering more flexibility, lower cost and more speed compared to traditional wired lines. The end of traditional Network Security Most WAN networks today are secured at the edges by combination of routers and firewalls, separating the corporate WAN from the public Internet. But what if the WAN is everywhere and thousands of devices, users, vehicles, IOT sensors are part of the WAN? Traditional security is no longer feasible and a software based perimeter is required, like the approach from Cradlepoint. A Range of new Business Applications 5G will enable a range of new applications not present on the corporate WAN today. Applications around Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Autonomous Vehicles (AV) will flourish under 5G. Is the rest of your traditional WAN ready for these new developments? Want to know more about the pathway to 5G and how Blue Wireless can enable this using Cradlepoint Solutions? Download the latest 5G whitepaper here!

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