Case Study : The robots are coming 🤖 - See how we enable Robotics

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it" is a quote attributed to Alan Kay, an American computer scientist who coined this phrase in 1971, long before the internet and robotics developments of today.

The team at Blue Wireless has not been sitting still in helping our partners push the boundaries of what's possible with 4G/LTE based wireless communications. Our latest project is supporting ST Engineering Land Systems with reliable high-speed communications for their latest security robots.


Unlike robots in a controlled environment such as a factory or warehouse, security and service robots move around in public spaces, often outdoor and in unknown territories. While navigation is autonomous, ongoing communication with HQ requires a stable, reliable connection at any given location.


Using the latest model of Cradlepoint IBR 900 Multi-Modem Router allows for continuous communications through multiple and diverse LTE networks, for a truly unbreakable connection. An encrypted security overlay across the connection ensures full protection to protect mission critical data. And as the router is specially designed for vehicles, vessels and robotics, it's extremely compact and resistant against shocks, dust, heat and humidity, ensuring optimal reliability.


The latest generation of robots leveraging 4G/LTE networks enable a range of applications for both business and government organizations. Cradlepoint solutions have highest certifications and are trusted by thousands of First Responders globally.

"Using the latest model of Cradlepoint IBR 900 Multi-Modem Router allows our robot continuous communicate through multiple and diverse 4G/LTE networks, for a truly unbreakable connection. "

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