Country Spotlight: Malaysia - See our customer implementations!

Malaysia Boleh! - Meaning "Malaysia can do it" and we see the same in our 4G/LTE implementations across the country. Having a vast landscape stretching across both the East and West Peninsula of Malaysia, establishing wired connectivity can be a real challenge for business locations. So we shared some of our most interesting implementations across the country for you below!

Enstek - West Malaysia - Factory

While close to the KLIA Airport and Sepang Circuit, getting connectivity for factories at the Enstek Industrial Park was a real challenge - solved with a permanent 4G/LTE connection.

Redang Island - Resort WIFI

Redang Island is a tropical tourist destination 25 kilometers off the coast of West Malaysia. Using our long-range 4G/LTE antennas and Dual Network setup, tourists can enjoy reliable WIFI across the resort.

Port Dickson - Construction Site

For the building of a new water treatment plant reliable connectivity was needed for site offices and engineers. Using our setup, the team is now enjoying a permanent 10Mbps connection using 4G/LTE.

Kuching - East Malaysia - Plant

East Malaysia is known for its remoteness, but with business growing, connectivity is essential. Blue Wireless installed and manages reliable connectivity for this MNC distribution plant.

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