Country Spotlight: There is nothing like Australia!

Aaahh, Australia... - Wide open landscapes, beautiful scenery, but limited wired connectivity... So how to get reliable service and quick installed for your business locations? Wireless is the way to go with Blue Wireless leveraging all 3 LTE networks in Australia for optimal coverage. Combined with our range of Cradlepoint routers, quality antennas and nationwide field services, your sites get connected without delay. See below some of our most interesting implementations across the country!

Taralga - Wind Farm - NSW

One of the many wind farms connected in Australia, this site was over 40 kms from the nearest LTE base station, but our advanced antenna setup enabled high speed connectivity.

Pippingara - Mining Site - WA

For one of our large mining customers we replaced their slow and expensive satellite connection with a high speed 4G/LTE connection, significantly reducing cost and improving performance.

Port Bonython - Chem Plant - SA For customers in the chemical industry, remote site connectivity is essential. Using a Dual Network configuration, we delivered ultra-reliable connectivity at this remote location in South Australia.

Cairns - Distribution Office - QLD As old DSL networks are being turned off, even sites in metro locations can be affected. For this distribution centre, 4G/LTE was installed in 72 hours to replace a failing copper connection.

Want to know more about how we can support you with reliable connectivity across Australia or in any of our other 20 countries across the Asia Pacific region? Please contact us at


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