Enabling Reliable 4G/LTE Connectivity for Remote Locations

One of Blue Wireless specialties is enabling reliable network connectivity for remote locations. These are locations where wired network connections are not available and one does not want to use expensive and slow satellite services. Permanent 4G/LTE Connectivity is an excellent alternative, providing high-speed, fixed cost service to a wide range of remote locations. For instance for Vestas Wind farms across Australia. With over a dozen connected, here are some of our best practices in connecting remote sites.

Desktop Survey. Before any work starts, we consult a range of on-line tools which tell us exactly locations of cell-towers, distance and terrain, so we know what equipment to use and what performance to expect. As Blue Wireless is network independent, we select the most suitable 4G/LTE network for each particular location.

Site Installation. Site installation is done by certified engineers with experience in radio-antenna settings and who work in conjunction with Blue Wireless engineers who support on the networking aspects.

Antenna Equipment. High gain antenna equipment is essential to ensure a reliable and strong signal. We select the right types depending on the location, frequencies used etc. and quality cabling to connect to the network router.

Quality Router Equipment. For outdoor locations which are hot, humid or dusty, a regular router will not last long. Therefore we're using Cradlepoint equipment, such as the IBR 900, which is a Dual-SIM LTE-Advanced Router specially designed for harsh environments and gives ultra reliable performance.

Ongoing Monitoring & Management. Once an installation is complete, ongoing monitoring is done of signal strength/noise ratios as well as a range of IP network parameters to ensure that performance meet's customer SLA. Adjustments can be made remotely in case of chances to environment or networks, ensuring long-lasting reliable connectivity.

All these elements combined are a single managed service by Blue Wireless providing essential connectivity to run critical business processes and -operations. Feel free to contact us at sales@bluewireless.asia to learn how we can help you connecting your remote sites faster and cheaper!


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