Get ready for the Robots and Drones! 🤖

Robots and Drones: Connected using Cradlepoint

The last year has seen an acceleration in new technologies, from home working to Zoom calls to many new uses for robots and drones! No matter what – all these developments need connectivity – and this is where Blue Wireless is supporting customers using the latest Cradlepoint technologies:


Cellular-Connected Drone to Deliver COVID-19 Tests

Cradlepoint’s solution has helped to solve a critical problem for healthcare providers on British Columbia’s Penelakut Island. With only one ferry between the island and the nearest lab, timely transport of samples is risky.

InDro Robotics began working with local teams on a plan to fly samples back and forth with specialized drones and navigation software.

Read more in the case study here.


Autonomous Security Patrol Robot for Public Safety

OTSAW’s security robot O-R3 utilizes wireless communication to ensure reliable operations and video streaming back to central command.

Blue Wireless implemented a Cradlepoint LTE solution which meets the stringent needs for robotics operations, including high-temperature operations and being shock and dust resistant.

Read more on how OTSAW leverages Cradlepoint as a futureproof platform for communication and edge computing in this case study.


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