Got WIFI? Instant High Speed Internet For Your Next Event!

Reliable, high-speed WIFI is essential for the success of any event today. Whether it's a conference, an exhibition or an outdoor event, internet access is crucial and not only users, but also organizers require reliable connectivity for presentations, event applications, corporate application access and streaming video. Blue Wireless professional event WIFI services include:

  • Ultra-Reliable Router Equipment, ensuring uninterrupted performance for your event.

  • Long Range and High Density WIFI Access Points, to serve dozens or hundreds of devices and users simultaneously.

  • Unlimited Dual Network 4G/LTE connectivity, providing literally access anywhere, without the need for any cabling.

  • On-Site Installation and Engineer Support, to ensure your setup is reliable without any hickups

  • Range of network configuration options, to meet your specific needs, whether it's hotspot authentication, web filtering, video or secure corporate access.

Blue Wireless enabled connectivity for over 100 events over the last year, here are some impressions!

Let us know how we can make your event successful. Contact our specialists today via or call our hotline at +65 6910 6250.


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