Happy 2021! Our Best Resolutions For the New Year

We are excited for 2021; filled with great opportunities to further improve on enterprise network connectivity with flexible 4G and 5G services. These are our top 4 resolutions for helping your business in the new year!

Get ready for 5G

5G will transform the way your business connects and operates in the new year, offering ultra high-speed on-demand connectivity.

Make sure your network planning is 5G proof to take advantage of these new capabilities!

Be Always On

No business can afford to be offline at any point, whether it's HQ, warehouse, plant or your home workers. Our range of solutions ensures cost-effective reliable communications no matter what. From primary wireless plans with truly unlimited usage to low-cost failover plans for backup.

Get Instant Access

Still waiting for your fixed line to be installed at your business location? Paying high fees for fibre-build and dealing with indoor wiring? Blue Wireless installs as quick as 72 hours, without any construction or hassle.

Use Managed Services!

DIY solutions and patchwork might seem cheap, but cause expensive headaches along the way.

Blue Wireless offers consistent LTE access across more than 60 countries, which means cost control and efficiency for your global business.

About Us: We are a new generation Wireless Network Service Provider serving global enterprises with LTE/5G based wireless solutions. Started in 2015, our mission is to enable enterprises with reliable, flexible wireless access connectivity across the region. ​ Since then, we have expanded service in over 60+ countries in the Asia Pacific and across Europe and offer an all-in service model with fixed pricing plans to help businesses to stay connected anywhere and reduce cost.

Learn more about our solutions for your business operations. Speak to our technical specialists by e-mailing us at enquiries@bluewireless.com.