High Speed LTE for any situation

LTE Networks are getting faster and faster as operators are upgrading to the latest 4G technologies such as LTE-Advanced and MIMO. Blue Wireless can help with flexible on-demand solutions across AsiaPac to harness all this speed for your business projects. Ideal for Disaster Recovery, Events with Public WIFI or Media production with Video Streaming, giving you instant high-speed internet connectivity up to 200Mbps.

Blue Wireless service portfolio includes the latest LTE-A routers, professional antennas and 4G SIMs for high-speed connectivity on demand. And, as our services are network independent, you're never stuck on just a single network connection:

Dual LTE allows you to connect to two diverse LTE networks simultaneously for high-speed access and resiliency

Load Balancing allows for data routing to be based on your prefered traffic policy for maximum speed and optimal performance.

Want to know more how we can support your business with high speed access on demand? Please write to us at info@bluewireless.asia for more details.


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