How to boost your business with Wireless Networking 📡

4G/LTE based WAN Access is taking the business community by storm. No more wiring hassles and on-demand connectivity wherever your business goes. How can your business benefit? Here are 4 foolproof ways to increase your business upside and reduce your network cost:

Get connected when you want.

Connect your business when you want, not when the local telco dictates. Have an event tomorrow? Opening a store this weekend? Blue Wireless can connect within 72 hours, so you're in business when you need to be.

Reduce your backup bill!

Still paying full price for a wired backup line which you hardly ever use? Wireless Failover reduces your backup bill by at least 40%, while offering high speed connection and higher resiliency compared to wired connections.

Unlimit your WAN

4G/LTE is ideal for vehicles, vessels, kiosks, remote staff or any other location which is not a traditional office building. Connect them reliably and securely with on-demand LTE connectivity.

Be ready for anything.

4G/LTE access is a must for any Business Continuity Planning, enabling reliable high-speed access on demand. With the Blue Wireless Blue Box you have everything ready for when disaster strikes.

With hundreds of implementations done across Asia Pacific, Blue Wireless is helping business to improve their network operations and reduce their telco spend. Want to know more? Please contact us at


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