Introducing: 4G/LTE Shared Datapool For Europe!

We're excited to announce the latest addition to our service portfolio: Our new Europe 4G/LTE SIM! Same as our AsiaPac 4G/LTE SIM card, it comes with a shared datapool, which provides unparalleled flexibility for use in routers, tablets, trackers, network devices and traveling users across an additional 33 countries!

Our Europe 4G/LTE DataSIM provides 4 unique benefits:

  • Shared Data Pool - Combine usage across multiple SIMs and countries, giving you economies of scale and lowest cost per GB.

  • Unlimited SIMs - Add as many SIMs as needed to your datapool and share across any device: routers, tablets, trackers etc.

  • High speed 4G/LTE - designed for enterprise use, access in 33 countries across Europe without throttling or limitations found in consumer SIMs

  • Single contract - A single contract in the currency of your choice covering all charges.

Our coverage is as follows:

Interested to know more? Please email us at or call our hotline at +65 6910 6250.


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