Latest Cradlepoint Updates: Router In The Cloud, Azure IOT Integration And The Smallest Router

The team at Cradlepoint continues to churn out amazing solutions for 4G/LTE networking and this week we have 3 new introductions! 1. Cradlepoint Virtual Router (CVR) eliminates the need for hosted equipment for VPN hubs or Gateways and offers instant connectivity across the 60 locations from AWS serving 20 regions globally. Offering the same functionality and managed centrally through NetCloud, it's another simplification of network management, lowering cost and reducing complexity for network managers. Read more here.

2. Integration of Azure IOT with Cradlepoint NetCloud. With increasing number of IOT deployments establishing simple and secure connectivity is essential and the latest development allows users of Azure IOT Central to seamlessly include Cradlepoint Netcloud devices and locations. Read more about the new announcement here!

3. The IBR 200 is now available - Ultra small size and packs a punch! Less than 10 cm wide and 2.5 cm high it can be easily included in kiosks or attached to digital signage, CCTV cameras and other IOT applications. But it comes with the same reliability and NetCloud functionality as Cradlepoint's larger devices, allowing for flexible cost-effective LTE connectivity anywhere. Latest details here!

All devices and services are available from Blue Wireless per direct, so please contact our Sales Team for more details or pricing information!


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