Local SIM Or Roaming SIM - Which One Is Better For Your Business?

One question we often get from customers is what SIM to use in what situation.

Starting point of course is to get 'pooled' data SIMs suitable for IOT- and WAN project use, which offer the reliability and usage options needed for business and cost-efficiency for larger deployments.

But when do you need local SIMs and when are roaming SIMs more suitable? Here are some guidelines:

As Blue Wireless offers both options, here are some recommendations on what type to use when:

Local SIMs are ideal for following situations:

  • High Speed Access, since local SIMs have minimal latency and and get maximum priority on the primary network, in many cases reaching 100Mbps or more.

  • High Usage Situations, where local SIMs offer the lowest cost per GB/TB.

  • Fixed Locations, such as branches, where there is no need to move to different networks.

Roaming SIMs are ideal for following situations:

  • Incidental access, such as for backup or out of band management, whereby usage across multiple SIMs across multiple countries can be combined in a single data pool for maximum cost efficiency.

  • Moving Vehicles and Vessels, such as for Maritime Industry where access to multiple networks across countries is essential to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

For Blue Wireless, we offer both types including local, low-cost SIMs in 10 countries across AsiaPac and roaming access in 50+ countries in AsiaPac and Europe. Here are our options:

1. Local Pool Plans in 10 Countries in Asia Pacific

Our local pool data SIMs offer the highest performance and lowest cost per country, ideal for your high-speed data requirements and local IOT projects. To date, following countries are included, some with portal access for self-management. We offer following countries:

2. Seamless access 15 Country in Asia Pacific

Our Blue Wireless Roaming card offers access across 15 countries using a single shared datapool concept. Add as many SIMs as you want to your pool and share usage across all countries, for maximum efficiency. 

3. Multi Network Access in 30 Countries in Europe

Europe offers a range of possibilities with roaming across 30 countries, in both a low-cost version offering access to one 4G network per country and a high-performance option, offering access to multiple 4G networks per country, for guaranteed always on connectivity. 

Which SIM is right for you? Check with your account manager or our sales team via sales@bluewireless.com to get more details on rates, options and any technical questions you might have.


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