LTE Wireless Networking with full IP Freedom

IPv4 Flexibility across 60+ countries worldwide

Wireless access offers great flexibility and cost-savings for enterprise SD-WAN connectivity globally. However, wireless access uses Dynamic Private IP Addressing while many corporate WAN setups are traditionally designed around Public Static IP Addressing.

Not to worry, we have two solutions - allowing you to benefit from wireless access anytime, anywhere:

Static Public IPv4 Service

We operate Virtual Gateways in 5 regional locations, so we can add Public Static IPv4 Address ranges (/29, /30 etc.) to any of our wireless internet connection, regardless of which network operator is used.

Even when connection changes between providers, the Static IP remains unchanged. This service is available in 60 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific and US. Please see the full country list here.

This is ideal for legacy WAN designs which still require static IP for SNMP, IPSEC and other existing protocols.

Secure Perimeter IP Service

Using the Cradlepoint NetCloud Perimeter, one can securely connect, monitor, and manage devices deployed in the field, or anywhere in the world. It creates a virtual IP overlay (perimeter) network to connect devices using any form of public or private Internet access and segment them by customer, site or function.

With NetCloud Perimeter, Static IP addressing is a thing of the past as you can access any device in the network directly from within the secure perimeter

About Us: We are a new generation Wireless Network Service Provider serving global enterprises with LTE/5G based wireless solutions. Started in 2015, our mission is to enable enterprises with reliable, flexible wireless access connectivity across the region. ​ Since then, we have expanded service in over 60+ countries in the Asia Pacific and across Europe and offer an all-in service model with fixed pricing plans to help businesses to stay connected anywhere and reduce cost.

Keen to find out how to get started with IP flexibility on wireless networking? Talk to our technical specialists by e-mailing us at on how we can help.