More Blue Wireless Service Options For Your Business

Companies needing flexible and reliable connectivity for their business operations are rapidly adopting 4G/LTE technology. To date Blue Wireless has implemented hundreds of locations for our customers across dozens of countries. To inspire you further we are sharing the most popular use cases for Blue Wireless managed 4G access:

Retail Branch Connectivity Whether for quick deployment, backup, store-in-store or temporary use, 4G/LTE offers retail outlet great flexibility without the wiring issues, lead-time and cost of a wired line. 

Remote Site Connectivity Remote sites are often difficult to connect using fibre and suffer from long lead time. 4G/LTE offers a reliable and low-cost alternative, which works also for construction, engineering and mining projects.

Near-Shore Maritime Connectivity Blue Wireless 4G/LTE offers a high-speed low-cost alternative to expensive satellite connections, offering reliable connectivity to platforms, barges, ferries, pilot ships and other vessels up to 25 miles off shore.

Kiosks and IOT Gateways With more customers deploying IOT projects, the demand for flexible 4G/LTE connectivity is booming. Blue Wireless can provide connectivity for Kiosks, Vending Machines, CCTV and range of IOT applications. 

Interested to know more? Speak with our specialist today on how our solutions can support your business operations. E-mail us at for more details. 


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