Our Latest AsiaPac 4G/LTE Datapool SIMs: More Coverage, Lower Price

We're happy to announce the latest update of Blue Wireless AsiaPac 4G/LTE SIM card, offering two versions:

Business - Access to 4G/LTE in 12 key countries across the Asia Pacific region at the lowest rate possible, starting from $6 per GB

Advanced - Access to 4G/LTE in 15 countries across Asia Pacific, including Philippines, Cambodia, Laos.

Both cards can be combined into a shared data pool which offers maximum flexibility for corporate use, with unlimited number of SIM cards. Great for use in routers, vehicles, monitoring, security, smart and network devices use. 

And when combined with Cradlepoint edge devices, which enables access to multiple networks, load balancing and SD-WAN features!

Besides our AsiaPac DataPool Service, we also offer two more SIM options:

Our Europe 4G DataSIM offers lowest rates across more then 30 countries offering access to multiple networks using a single datapool.

Local Datapools are available in several countries in AsiaPac, offering local rates on a single network, ideal for high volume usage.Want to know more about the different SIM options, pricing and how to get started? Drop our Sales Team a message! We'll respond immediately.