SD-WAN Without 4G/LTE Access Is Like A Train Without Tracks

Enterprises with multiple branch offices often face challenges in managing and securing their WAN and branch networks due to ever-growing bandwidth requirements, network complexity and increasing use of cloud applications. Deploying SD-WAN (Software Defined - Wide Area Networking) solutions addresses these challenges and Gartner predicts that the SD-WAN market will grow at a 76.4% CAGR, reaching $1.3B by the year 2020. But for any company looking to adopt SD-WAN, it will mean a strategic choice with regards to SD-WAN vendors and solutions today.

For any enterprise considering SD-WAN, the integration of 4G/LTE/5G access is absolutely critical to ensure the true business value can be achieved. Unfortunately, for many SD-WAN vendors, 4G/5G access is still much of an afterthought (Dongle anyone?) So, why is wireless access in SD-WAN so critical? Three main reasons: 1. Firstly, the modern WAN is not just limited to offices. WAN access is needed everywhere, from staff using tablets on the road, connected delivery vehicles, self-service kiosks, connected 'things', all securely communicating together. Traditional SD-WAN equipment can not handle this. 2. The benefits of SD-WAN don't materialize without wireless access. SD-WAN can enable instant deployment, flexible access anywhere, but it's no point in shipping an SD-WAN device to a site when having to wait 2 months for fibre to be delivered... 3. Wireless will overtake Wired as the preferred and primary access option. As 5G networks start rolling out, fixed wireless solutions will become the norm for connecting branches, not the traditional wired line. Cradlepoint solutions are build around 4G/LTE/5G connectivity, offering a a true seamless experience across both wireless and wired network access options. Read more about the NetCloud platform at wireless SD-WAN capabilities at the Cradlepoint website.

As a elite partner of Cradlepoint, Blue Wireless can deliver the true benefits of SD-WAN to your business without delay. Including low-cost LTE connectivity and our full installation support and service, so you're on-line day one and have access anywhere. Please visit our website at or write to us at for a free consultation.


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