Secure WAN VPNs Using 4G/LTE Made Easy

Corporate VPNs are essential for today's business operations, allowing for secure and flexible connectivity between branches, applications and users. However, setting up and maintaining VPNs used to be a complex task requiring detailed configuration and maintenance by IT staff. Connecting sites which are connected using 4G/LTE can be more even more complex or even impossible with traditional methods.

With the introduction of NetCloud AutoVPN and Netcloud Perimeter from Cradlepoint these issues are in the past. Now any site can be securely connected to another site with just a few clicks, regardless if these sites connect to the internet using Fibre or 4G/LTE. No need for static IP addressing, Command Line Interface, expensive IT hours wasted.

  • NetCloud Auto VPN is ideal for those organizations needing to connect to a private network infrastructure (e.g. MPLS) and allow you to extend your IP addressing across all sites. It also allows for local Internet breakout if so desired.

  • NetCloud Perimeter is ideal for companies who are fully connecting using the Internet and even allows for individual clients to connect into the private network. Any device can easily be brought into the network, whether connecting via fixed line or wireless 4G/LTE.

To learn more about the functionalities of Cradlepoint NetCloud and how it can simplify your corporate VPN contact us at anytime!


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