Vacation Time - Top Tips To Unplug

It's holiday time for many families and a good opportunity to 'unplug' on your vacation. While it seems almost impossible in today's hyper-connected world, if you're planning to go off the grid for a while, here are some essential tips for beginner and advanced level:

Beginner Level - Minimal Contact

  • Prep colleagues for your absence and make a list of true emergencies that merit interrupting your vacation.

  • Check mails and messages once or twice a day only at set times - resist the temptation to check your phone during the day.

  • Schedule one or two check-in times during your vacation with a coworker to call for brief but productive updates.

  • Be careful with data cost in unfamiliar places - use WIFI or buy a local data SIM - don't get hit with high roaming cost!

Advanced Level - Completely Disconnect

  • Leave out-of-office messages explaining that you’ll be completely off-line until your return; provide a backup contact in case there’s an urgent request.

  • Go to a place without any internet connectivity. There are still a few left - here are some to consider.

  • Leave your Laptop at home and phone off. Be ready to cope with withdrawal symptoms - the reflex to check your phone every few minutes are real!

  • Enjoy your unplugged vacation!

Now, for your business of course it's a different story - to enable reliable connectivity in any situation, please write to us at to see how we can help.


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