What Are Your New Year's Resolutions? See Our Top 4 list

Welcome to the new year and best wishes! We're excited about the year ahead with great opportunities to further improve enterprise network connectivity with low-cost, flexible 4G services. Here are our top 4 new year's resolutions!

1. Stop overpaying for wired line backup Using a second wired line as backup for your branch is foolish - it's expensive, difficult to get installed and never truly diverse from your first line, so when disaster hits you might be down anyway. 4G backup is easy, quick to deploy and truly diverse. Blue Wireless offers managed backup across 20+ countries for less then $100 per month, with guaranteed delivery. 2. Get instant connectivity anywhere Still waiting for your fixed line to be installed at your remote location? Paying high fees for fiber-build and indoor wiring? 4G/LTE offers direct connectivity, installed in 72 hours, for permanent or temporary use. 3. Stop Use unreliable dongles Same as you wouldn't store your business' data on a memory stick, you can't rely on 'dongles' for 4G communication. Cradlepoint routers with high-grade modems and 4 SIM slots offer ultra-reliable fully cloud managed connectivity. 4. Save massively on expensive satellite connections 4G/LTE offers high-speed, low-cost connectvity for remote branches, near shore locations and maritime. With quality antennas range can be extended to 50 kms from shore, offering a real alternative for crew access, passenger wifi and on-board IT systems. Want to know more about how to realize any of the above resolutions? Let us know!


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