What to do if you workplace looks like this ?

Business doesn't limit itself to just the headquarter office building. It's at the remote sites where real construction, production and service is taking place and reliable connectivity is essential for continuous operations and business success. Using Blue Wireless's managed 4G Access services allow you to reliably and securely connect any site into your corporate WAN within 72 hours.Provided as one bundled solution including router equipment, antennas, Data SIMs, field services and management.

Construction and Engineering is one industry where fixed line connectivity is impossible to use, due to the ever changing environment. With over 500 installations completed across Asia Pacific, Blue Wireless has the experience to connect any site office, in days, not months. Learn more here.

Many maritime and near-shore locations still rely on expensive satellite or unreliable microwave for their communications. Using our long-range antenna solutions and dual modem technology, we enable reliable high speed connectivity of up to 25 miles off-shore. Learn more here.

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