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Maritime and Long Range

LTE/5G Antennas


The right antennas are essential to ensure reliable connection and maximum throughput. Go Wireless carries the full range of Poynting antennas for primary branch connectivity and maritime vessel use. All antennas are tested and certified to work with Cradlepoint and a range of other devices. Below the most popular models are highlighted, our advisors can recommend a suitable antenna for your use case.

Directional Antennas for 

Branch Connectivity

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Directional Antennas are ideal for fixed branch locations where there is little to no obstructions between the antenna and the cell-tower. By aligning the antenna  the performance can be optimized and throughout speeds and distance maximized. Directional antennas do require professional installation and calibration and are usually attached on a pole attachment on top or on the side of a building.

Omnidirectional Antennas for 

Vessels and Marine


For vessels (ships, boats), an omnidirectional antenna is essential as the vessel will be constantly be moving and has no constant direction to the cell-towers on shore. In addition, marine environments are harsher, due to UV-light, salt water, vibrations etc. requiring the antennas to adhere to higher material standards to ensure a long term operation. Different models provide different frequencies and gain, where our consultants can advise the best suitable for your situation

Specialized Antennas for 

Mobile, IoT and Mining


IOT antennas come in different shapes and sizes, to best meet the form-factor of the IOT deployment. For instance in vending machines, a small compact all-in-one antenna is ideal, whether for vehicles something more aerodynamic is  better. For closed locations such as mines or indoor, different antenna types are available to maximize performance. Our consultants can advise the best suitable antenna for your situation.

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Quality antennas, cabling and installation is essential to ensure consistent long-term operations. Go Wireless and Blue Wireless have been deploying Poynting Antennas for hundreds of deployments across Asia Pacific and beyond.  Superior materials, testing and continuous development make Poynting the antenna brand of choice for any deployment.


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