5G/LTE Powered
SD WAN Network Solutions


Wireless WAN has arrived and Blue Wireless enables organizations to take advantage of 5G/LTE powered networking. Built on Cradlepoint equipment and powered by the Cradlepoint NetCloud platform, Blue Wireless offers SD-WAN network solutions in which reliability, security, and flexibility are needed for today's connected businesses.

We support customers on a range of use cases, from access for remote locations, low-cost connectivity for retail or flexible IoT connectivity. Our unique bundle of equipment, SIM plans, field service and management supports your business and reduces operational cost. With direct access to 4G and 5G networks globally, we can cover your business no matter where you operate.

Cradlepoint powered Network solutions offer full control across all SD-WAN network functions:

Network Management

Enterprise-class routing

SD-WAN traffic control

VPN connectivity

Out-of-Band Management

Connection Management

LTE and 5G connectivity
Intelligent carrier selection
Cellular visibility and analytics
Integrated Wi-Fi

Network Security

Next-gen firewall
Secure Internet Access
Web filtering
Threat detection

IOT Functions

Device-to-cloud connectivity
SD-Perimeter overlay
Device-centric security
Edge computing

New Pricing

Why Wireless WAN?

Unlike traditional network solutions build on fixed lines and MPLS, our solutions are based on Wireless 5G/LTE connectivity making them ideal for branches, kiosks, vehicles, vessels, and any small location. 


Using Wireless Connectivity offers key advantages for business, including:

  • Flexible Deployment - can be installed anywhere, no indoor wiring, no MDF rooms, etc.

  • Instant On-Demand Connectivity - no weeks or months waiting for Telco fixed lines 

  • Truly Resilient - using a different infrastructure from wired lines, so truly resilient

  • Easy Failover - all services are Dual SIM - so connecting to multiple networks

  • Pay as you Use - no need for high fixed charges, only pay when using data


Popular Wireless WAN Uses

LTE/5G powered SD-WAN Network Solutions are being used by increasing number of businesses, offering a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional wired- and satellite communication.


Our most popular use cases include: 

Flexible Branch Connectivity & Backup

For Branch Offices, Retail Outlets

Pop-Up Stores and Events

Key Advantages

Flexible Deployment, Fast Delivery

Lower Cost, Less Intrusive

Remote Branch Connectivity

For Construction Sites, Engineering Projects, Mining Locations, Wind/Solar farms, Temporary Locations

Key Advantages

More Reliable, Fast Deployment

Lower Cost then fibre or satellite

Maritime Connectivity

Crew WIFI, Passenger WIFI
Maritime IOT, Corporate Network

Key Advantages

Lower Cost & Higher Speeds then satellite
Fast & Easy Deploymen

IOT Connectivity

Kiosks, Vending Machines
CCTV, Robotics

Key Advantages

More Reliable (not just SIM)
Multi Network, Security


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