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Cradlepoint SmartCare for Maximum Availability

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Go Wireless supports the roll-out of international deployments of Cradlepoint solutions with a unique set of services bundled under the name Cradlepoint SmartCare. This set of services ensures both fast deployment and reliable operations in-life with minimal risk.


It also allows the deployment of devices outside the standard country coverage supported by Cradlepoint, enabling a truly global solution.

For the deployment phase Go Wireless offers a combination of staging, Data SIM options, shipping, importing and field services, coordinated from our global distribution center in Singapore and supported by local partners in over 60 countries. This ensures that your network devices are guaranteed operational in days and weeks, not in months or stuck in limbo. 

For the in-life phase, Go Wireless offers the unique Cradlepoint SmartNet service which bypasses the lengthy RMA process, but enables one-to-one replacement on-site from in-country stock. This ensures that if anything was to happen to the equipment, there is immediate replacement and business operations can continue.


SmartCare Services

Below is an overview of the various SmartCare Services we provide for Cradlepoint partners. Our services are customizable to the specific requirements of your organization or project.

Staging &



Go Wireless provides a wide range of technical services, including staging, SIM insertion, testing, firmware updates, configurations, repackaging and more - all depending on your requirements and statement of work.

Range of SIM &

Data Options


Go Wireless offers a wide range of SIM and Dataplan options, including local SIMs, Blue Wireless roaming SIMs with regional datapools or management of customer provided SIMs.


& Shipping


Go Wireless supports drop-ship directly to Cradlepoint certified countries as well as shipping beyond standard coverage to dozens of countries globally, from multiple shipping companies.  




Go Wireless supports the import and clearing process including full DDP (Delivery & Duties Paid), working with local importers of record or self import options for experienced IT service providers.

Field Engineer



Go Wireless provides local field engineers from partner organizations for on-site work, such as site surveys, installations or  removals. All depending on your requirements and statement of work.




Go Wireless provides unique Cradlepoint SmarNet services, offering fast one-to-one replacement on-site without lengthy RMA process, offering guaranteed continuity for local implementations.

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